Surfin’ Bird


For reasons I’m still not sure of, Jacob and I watched PeeWee Herman sing Surfin’ Bird on YouTube this morning during our Timmy’s coffee stop. If you haven’t seen it (or don’t want to admit you have) – watch it here:

I think I was probably around Jacob’s age when I was listening to this ridiculously silly song the first time around. It may be crazy, but man did it ever make us laugh.

When we got in the car somehow it decided to play from my phone onto the car stereo and we were blasted with PeeWee all the way to school. We were laughing so hard by the time we got there we both had tears in our eyes.

When I picked the kids up from school the funny was still there. Jacob ended up laughing so hard he gave himself the hiccups which of course made Jenna and I laugh even harder.

Few things are as good for the soul as a really good belly laugh. I remember the comedian when we were at Just for Laughs years ago in Montreal telling us to always find the funny and I think we usually do. I’m fortunate that I live with two other souls who have the same warped sense of humour as I do. We have a good time in our little family – that is a gratitude filled happiness moment.


2 thoughts on “Surfin’ Bird

  1. Thank you! you have made a total stranger laugh and smile and grin with a silly grin. Lifted my energy to a silly happy place, thanks for that! THAT is about the most powerful thing one person can do for another, you know! hope you and your family have a great week,, and find more laughter my friend!! momentummikey 🙂 🙂

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