Well loved

I had a lot of different love emotions today. This would have been my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, that brings some joy and some sadness. I miss Dad, I’m sad for mom, I’m sad that I won’t ever have a 50th to celebrate either. Im happy they had and loved each other, I’m happy they provided a safe and loving family for us to grow up in. 

On that note, I was at the grocery store today and the checkout lady commented on how amazing my kids were at helping me out. She said I bet you’re a single mom. Those kids look like they know how to pitch in to make a family work. She went on to say how just when she starts to think there’s no hope for the future she sees kids like mine and she knows it will all be ok. They are fantastic humans and I’m always glad when other people see how brightly their lights shine. 

My mom’s cousin and her granddaughter made us home baked buns and cookies and we stopped by their place to pick them up. The more I get to know this lady the more I really like her. She’s a rare gem – a very kind heart. I got home and some neighbours dropped by with roasted chicken and vegetables. 

I am well loved. I am actually overwhelmed by the love. That is happiness. 

And to keep it real, Jacob saunters in the room gnawing on a chicken leg and says 

If this is how we eat when you’re injured, imagine how we’ll eat when you kick the bucket. 

Lovely. But it al goes back to my tribe. You look after each other in the good and the hard times. 


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