Spiritual journey

The boy joined me on an emergency grocery run to town this afternoon – somehow our cupboards became like those of Old Mother Hubbard.

I find the way that this kid’s brain works to be fascinating. At 16 he has already spent more of his life thinking about his spiritual faith than a lot of people do in a lifetime. He questions everything, about every faith, all the time. He has a strong connection to God, and walks with a lot of trust in the faith he’s found there – but he is constantly curious, and continuously broadens his understanding of who God is based on what he has learned.

And then he shares it all with me.

We don’t have a typical 16 year old / parent relationship. I am grateful for that. We talk, we are open, we are honest.

I am loving watching him grow and find himself. I am learning from him as he shares with me what he is discovering. I love that he is constantly working on his relationship with the Divine. Having that as his backbone will serve him well in life.

I am forever grateful that we have a relationship where we can just talk to each other. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty damn great. It’s happiness.


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