Helping Hands

Last fall we were gifted the time of the administrative assistant at the ranch to help us sort out some of mom’s paperwork and files. I don’t know what I would have done without this guardian angel. She has everything so well organized and when I go over there to sort things to send in to the government (I have an audit due) she knows exactly what I need to do and has things sorted out for me.

At the best of times this kind of paperwork makes me hear white noise and makes me want to curl up in a ball, but it’s so emotional being mom’s things and I just can’t make my brain do what it needs to. So this amazing lady guides me and sorts me out and files things in the right place.

Sometimes we feel like we need to do everything ourselves – to prove our independence, our strength, our intelligence – but let me tell you: we need each other. We weren’t made to function all alone, we need to rely on and support each other. We all have gifts that help ourselves and other people out – they need to be shared.

I am so grateful for my tribe, for this woman, for where we live. It’s a God gift.


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