God talks in the morning

The boy and I both found ourselves up much too early, sitting on the couch, drinking our tea and coffee.

Somehow we ended up in a conversation about the meaning of Jesus (as one usually does with their teenage boy at 6:30 am).

I said to him that my Ayurvedic practitioner Asrael had explained Jesus to me in a way that had made so much sense.

She said sometimes as humans we get overwhelmed by God. Our humanness stops us from praying or talking to him in the way we need to. This is where Jesus comes in. He is like our human/spiritual liaison and it often is easier to approach Him in prayer. Because he is human like us our brains can better understand the concept of Jesus. But because he is also of God, he is our tangible connection to Source. He is a reminder that we are all children of God.

I told the boy that until I had heard her explain Jesus like this I had never really understood the point of Jesus. And I’ve been going to church my whole life.

He agreed with me that suddenly the concept of Jesus made a lot more sense. This kid has a strong spiritual connection. I love it.


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