Cloak of Protection

On Saturday when we were at the Cochrane Fair we had our auras read by a dear, old (not in age -she’s younger than I am) friend of mine. She read my aura in the winter of 2014 – just months before every single thing in my life started to change. It was amazing the difference between that snapshot of my energy vs. the one that was taken the other day. Granted, the auras can change in a matter of minutes; but my general energy, outlook on life, spiritual connection, and life is so different now from what it was then.

But the really interesting one was that of my daughter. Her aura was surrounded by bright red – my friend described it as a cloak of protection. Because it’s red it relates to her first chakra, the one that grounds us to the earth, that connects us, that makes us feel safe. Red isn’t the color my girl is normally drawn to, but when we were doing some back to school shopping it was the colour she picked out over and over. My friend (who knows  we’ve been through the last few years, but not all the specifics of my daughter’s life) said it was like she had wrapped a cloak of protection around herself, but it also showed she was depleted in the very thing she was using as protection – her base chakra. She needs to ground herself to the earth, make herself remember that she is here of this earth and replenish the lost energy.

My girl left muttering she doesn’t know me at all, but smiling because she knew my friend was spot on with her analysis.

The next day we went to church and the sermon was pretty much given explicitly for her. It was the story of Passover, and as he talked of the houses that marked their doorway with the blood of the lamb it became clear that he was talking about the same type of cloak of protection that my girl was using. The pastor had a door frame put up at the front of the church, and he stood inside it and explained how as he stood in the door he was completely covered and protected by the cloak of God. Then he took out some red paint and covered the doorway with the red cloak of protection – that would save his life.

I was watching my girl as he was talking and I could feel her energy change. My friend had told her that  however she was making the cloak to protect her was exactly what she needed at this time in her life. And as she listened to the sermon she began to see that the cloak that she had wrapped around her just may have come from a higher power.

I love it when God stuff happens like that.


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