Murchie’s time

My Christmas gift to myself this year was an order of Murchie’s tea. It’s my favourite for a few reasons – when we were kids mom and dad used to take us to Vancouver Island for most of our vacations and we spent many happy days getting tea at Murchies, books at Munro’s, and chocolate at Rogers. In the last couple of years I have been able to share that tradition with my kids which makes it even more special. In fact, tea has always been a source of comfort in our family. Grandma always taught us that tea was the solution for any emotion. Happy? Have a cup of tea. Sad? Have a cup of tea. Stressed? Have a cup of tea. Visiting with friends? Have a cup of tea… you get the picture.

So tonight I am sitting in Grandma’s kitchen having a cup of Murchie’s tea. And no matter what else is happening around me, life is good because of that.


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