Take a pause

I’ve been listening to Iyanla Vanzant on an Oprah podcast and she said:

  • When you find yourself in a new situation, a new circumstance, a new life situation
  • Everything that requires healing is going to rush to the surface

    And if you don’t take a minute to breathe, to gather yourself, to pray – you will do what you’ve always done

    So you’ve got to be clear enough, grounded enough, centred enough, to say

    How am I going to handle it this time

    So the lesson is… pause

    Then she talks about how we go from one job, age, relationship, to the next without a pause

    We leave a relationship and jump into the next one thinking the grass is greener

    But because you haven’t paused, you bring all your old stuff into it.

    I have been craving this pause. This place to stop and unpack what is no longer serving me and leave it being.

    I’ve been slowly in the process over the last few years, but the call is getting stronger. It is becoming a matter of survival.



    Let go


    Embrace new beliefs

    Connect with God


    Sit in stillness

    Be at peace.


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