Be a good little girl (FGK 228)

This letter is dated July 11 so I’m assuming she’s talking about the Calgary Stampede at the beginning of the letter. I do love her letters.

Sunday July 11, 1954

Dear Margie:-

Did you have many visitors last week such as Sonja Hune? They really were fortunate for weather again. Mr. Barkley and I didn’t attend at all. Maybe next year.

We were down to High River Wednesday to see a girl get married who worked here a few summers ago. The reception was indeed very nice. The W.J (?) put on the supper. Everything homemade and plenty of it. Cabbage and potato salad and Angel Foods and Cookies. Hall was nicely decorated as were the tables. A dance afterward with string music really cowboy. The bride had a nice blue suit and white hat and wore a corsage. She said her Grandmother wanted her to have a long white dress but she didn’t care to. She doesn’t care much for fussy clothes. Her husband is a farmer from Vermillion. At the reception I sat next to a boy who attended olds when Harvey did.

Our lilacs have been quite nice this year. Suppose you had plenty – they really were nicer this year than they have been for a while. We still have some blooming.

Be a good “little” girl now ‘cause I’m hearing nice reports of you.

Best wishes

The Barkleys


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