Floundering Around on Six Pages of “Glow Worm” (FGK 229)

This has to be a letter from one of mom’s friends from the hospital. Mom rarely spoke of her time there and so I don’t really know much about the other kids who were there. The only time I did get a really good account of her time in the hospital was years ago when I interviewed her for a paper I wrote for a Women’s Studies class. Unfortunately during the years when I wasn’t living here my room was cleaned out of all of the treasures I’d stored there for safe keeping and this essay was among them. So instead of being able to go through my own childhood treasures I have been gifted the opportunity to go through mom’s and I’m grateful for that.

Box 196

Pincher Creek


Dear Margaret

Well, I just received your darling letter, and decided that you’d probably be worn out after writing 12 pages of news.

Thought I’d better use some decent note paper after your gentle hint. Gosh I’ve been busy! Haven’t had a chance to write any letters at all hardly, and I’m afraid I’ve neglected you shamefully.

Mom washed and ironed your bed bag and mended the rip and I took it to town Saturday to be mailed. I forgot (same old story). It is in at Grandma Hammond’s and although I asked Marjory to mail it, I’m afraid it’s probably still there.

I found your “coral” among my belongings (also some other things) so will send them along with the bag. Sure sorry I didn’t get it up there sooner. Hope you didn’t need it too badly. Afraid I’m an awful, neglectful person.

I was in to see my doctor in Pincher on Friday aft., and asked him if and when I could start school. I started going for half days last Monday, and it’s much more satisfactory than trying to do correspondence at home. Just received five lessons back, and got 4Hs and one A. Hope I can keep that up without Mrs. Aitken’s help. Mrs Reilly helps, but is so busy with teaching 19 other brats over there that us neglected little grade nines don’t get the attention we need. You may tell Miss Horner I love her and that I”m a model patient, have two hours rest every afternoon, stretched it to four yesterday. Of course she knew I was a model patient anyway haha.

Charlotte, Bruce, and Alvin (you don’t know him) came over at 2:30 this afternoon to practice the play we’re putting on at the Christmas concert. My part is only 18 pages long! It’s quite funny and i think it’s going to be fun putting it on. The name is “The ______ of hearts”. I’m Lady Violetta. Address me with respect in your voice after this as I’m your queen elect. Crazy eh?

My Uncle Bill from Vancouver is out here now and mOm is giving a big dinner party tomorrow night. I think there are going to be quite a few here. Charlotte’s coming up, so I’ll have a little bit of moral support (I’m shy you know!!!). Anne’s favourite phrase lately. Don’t need to worry about me staying up too late, because mom sees to it that I’m in bed by nine or nine thirty every night.

I went to see “Shane” on Saturday. Incidentally, Charlotte and I went to get her and thought it was pretty good. Howard and Bruce went too, and as we were going into the theatre Bruce said to Howard that he’d better take Charlotte to see the show. Unfortunately Charlotte heard him and turned around saying “nuts you will!!” I guess it put old Howard in his place because we lost sight of both of them for the rest of the evening.

I haven’t started taking music again as yet, but I want to after Christmas if not before. I sure spend a lot of time at the piano lately. Not as much as Marjory though. She is learning one of the most difficult selections Brahms ever wrote. You can imagine how hard it is i guess. It’s really beautiful though. Me floundering around on the six pages of “Glow Worm” doesn’t sound like much in comparison.

If you see Marg F. Give her my love eh? Say hello to Lillian and Helen. Tell Mrs. Howard her coasters are finished if she still wants them, but I couldn’t figure out how to finish them off so she’ll have to do that I guess. Say hello to Mrs Atkin for me too. Tell her I’ll write her “sometime”.

My photos turned out pretty well. If they weren’t so big I’d give you one, but I don’t think you’ll have any place to put this without it getting wrecked. I may bring it up to show to you on the 18th anyway, and maybe try to get a smaller one made, that is if you want one.

Mom and Dad send their regards and Anne hung over my shoulder all the time I was reading your letter to see how you were and if you were getting home for Christmas etc etc etc. have you heard any more about that? Say that was quite a story about Doctors ______ I was hoping you’d find out more than you did though. Don’t worry about those crazy physios saying you have a scoliosis. They were just fooling or they wouldn’t have talked about a spinal fusion in such an offhand manner. I think they are all a bit crazy personally (except Miss Olsen of course I wouldn’t want to get in your bad books you know)

Well as I have some homework to do and Mrs. Reilly has offered to help me with it I better go. incidentally, we had the most delicious stakes for supper. We’re they ever good. Yum. Do I make your mouth water?

Must go now Marg

Loads of love


Ps please get rid of this immediately. Burn it! (Ha ha)

I lob o eve yum o you. Dud o yum o you hel mum e shush out squared. I hash or shush

If you can’t read this, don’t worry. It’s just a bunch of “puppy talk”

Love Janet

Please Marg, don’t let anyone see this I beg of you. It may have fateful consequences (neat eh?)

What happened to our screws? Did they get lost in the move?


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