Yesterday the boy and I made a trip to Costco to mass buy water so that when it gets to be -30 I don’t have to drag the big bottles through the parking lot. It’s an issue when we don’t have water that is safe to drink to make sure that we never run out, so usually around this time of year I stock up. A lesson I clearly learned from my mom, as it was a good 6 months after she died before we ran out of either water or toilet paper here.

I did feel a bit like an “end of the world” person at Costco since my trip came the day after the announcement of our upcoming lockdown, but we can’t always help timing. And I did add in a couple (yes, more than one) of containers of those raspberry crumble cookies to kind of even it out.

On the way to the car, the boy showed me why it’s a great idea to fill the carts full of those giant water bottles. We were walking, each pushing our cart full of water, when suddenly he grabbed his cart, did a couple of running steps and then jumped on the back of the cart and went for a ride.

Not knowing what else to do, I did a couple of running steps myself and followed suit.

While others in the lot probably thought we’d lost our minds, I really needed that moment of simple joy. As we climbed into the car, the boy expressed a similar statement. Sometimes you just need to let go, jump on the cart, and yell “weeeeeeee”.


Costco shopping

I headed out for our weekly grocery trip to Costco. In all honesty, I was very anxious about going – to the point where I was having mini panic attacks as I was getting myself organized (we have a process for disinfecting whatever comes into the house).

When I got there I was so impressed with how they’ve made things as safe and enjoyable as possible. We lined up outside so they could keep track of how many people were inside shopping. They had staff around the store to remind about social distancing, and to wipe things down.

But the biggest thing was how welcoming and kind the staff was. We were all greeted with big smiles and staff was helping customers wherever they could.

After almost a week of being at home, watching things change daily, it was so heart warming to go out and have such a warm greeting. Especially considering the risk these people are putting themselves at every day to make sure we can buy food and essentials.

There truly are a lot of genuinely good and kind people out there. We all get to choose how we want to be. Choose to be kind.