Light it up 

My kids have a very special bond. Actually, the three of us are an extremely tight unit and I consider that one of my greatest blessings. We have been through a lot and it has drawn us together in a very unique, but strong way. 

They may at times be each other’s worst enemy, but they are also best friends and have each other’s back no matter what. I am so happy for them that they will go through life with such a friend. 

Jenna came from school today with an assignment. They had to create something that lit up and moves. She decided to build a tree of lothlorien from Lord of the Rings. Because that’s in Jacob’s wheelhouse she told me she was going to ask him for advice on how to build it. 

We came into the coffee shop to wait for her lesson and the two of them sat down and brainstormed. It is amazing to listen to them as they’re planning or building something (I sometimes hear this when they are playing minecraft together). 

They’ve figured out how to light it up and are still figuring out the movement. 

Everyone needs a good friend who knows exactly who you are and loves you for it. I’m so happy that these two have that. We are such a blessed little family. A lovely happiness moment.  


It’s all part of the same family

Tonight we had a wonderful happiness moment in the form of a family supper. Jacob and I came late to the party as we wee back in urgent care getting his ribs checked (again). Arriving tired, emotional, and hungry, it was so heart warming to come into the house and see it full of family. 

That house has always been a multi generational home in my heart. As far as my memory goes back there have been grandparents, parents, kids, siblings, and cousins running around the place. The people may have aged and the generations shifted, but there we are all the same. 

Tonight once again there was laughter filled in the dining room by grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and everything in between. Keeping these roots that help me grow strong is so important. 

As we were leaving, Jacob looked down the driveway and said there’s three different families all sitting here waiting for us to pull out (we had parked everyone in). And I replied and yet we are all the same family. 

Having those bonds with the ones I love is priceless. This is what being home is all about and I’m so thankful I can provide this kind of grounding and security for the kids. 


The digestive fire

Jacob: bwaahaaaa Jenna, I made your water gross. I put in mostly hot and then some cold so it’s a disgusting warm temperature. 

Jenna: that’s ok. That’s how I like it. 

Me: exactly. That’s how I do her water every morning. 

Jenna: yes. Because cold water isn’t good for you – right mom?

Me: right. It puts out your Agni – remember?- your digestive fire. 

Jenna: oh yeah. What’s your digestive fire do again?

Jacob: it ignites your farts. 

And then we all fall down laughing. It was my happiness moment, but I’m also happy that they have paid at least minimal attention to all of my talking about Ayurveda. Although like any good teenage boy, he had to turn the conversation to farting. 


Beacon Hill… discovered….

Tonight the kids and I were up in Royal Oak – a neighbourhood in NW Calgary. Back when Jacob was a little squirt – 12+ years ago – his dayhome was in this (then) new area. I worked in a town north of Calgary and knew all the back roads. Well, the city has changed. I know this, but sometimes it takes me driving somewhere to really understand how much it has changed.

We finished up in Royal Oak and were headed to Crowfoot (about 5-10 minutes away) and I missed the turn onto the main road. No problem – there’s the jail… there’s the dump… I know where I am. We will just follow this back road and we will get there.


So, we ended up in an area called Beacon Hill. Never heard of it. Although it’s where the Costco is and I did know there was a Costco around. There’s tons of shops! Of course we got lost driving around the shopping centre and couldn’t get out for a while. Then a few more wrong turns and 20 minutes later we were in Crowfoot.

The entire time we were driving the kids were cracking jokes and laughing so hard they were hiccuping and snorting. Silly crazy happiness moment in the car today. I love those two.

Bonus happiness when we got home. Abu and Ella (the girl cats) were upstairs beating each other up. Aladdin (boy cat) was downstairs with me looking up at them. I could see the expression on his face and said it out to the kids “what do I do? What do I do? Girlfriend or sister, girlfriend or sister… whom do I save??”

From the tub, without missing a beat, comes Jenna’s voice. “Sister, you always pick the sister. Sisters are forever….”


The sisterhood. 

Today dad’s sisters and their husbands flew in from Ontario and a cousin flew in from BC. My happiness moment was watching him sit with a sister on each side of him while he held their hands. He listened while they told stories and we all visited and caught up on each other’s lives. It’s been 8 years since my sister and I have seen them. 

There is something so special about that family bond. It ties through miles and years. That sibling bond is unlike any other relationship. All those shared experiences. All that shared history. I feel blessed to have been a part of that moment. 


Your best friend 

When my kids are arguing and fighting with each other I have a standard speech that I give. You guys will be each other’s best friends in life. No matter where you go or what you do you need to know that you have each other’s backs. So, even though you disagree no one will ever know you or love you like each other. 

They have moved so much that there have been many times where they have only known each other and have had to rely on each other. They can still fight like you wouldn’t believe, but they are good friends and look out for each other. 

Today I was late picking them up after school. Not late just a few minutes late. I have no idea where the day went. I picked them up and Jacob told me about their after school incident. 

They were sitting on the ground beside the school, hooked onto the wifi playing a game. A kid came up to them and said ahhhh haaaa you guys are watching porn? Then he came right over beside Jacob and looked down and said oh no I was wrong they’re just having sex. At this point Jacob stood up and towered over the boy (Jacob laughed telling me and said obviously the kid didn’t know how much taller Jacob was). 

Once Jacob stood up the kid took off. Then Jacob said you know what it’s like when auntie Cherie takes off on her horse after a cow? That’s what I was like after that kid. He caught up to the boy and stood over him and said you need to go back there and apologize to her. No one talks like that to her. Then he herded the boy back to where Jenna was sitting. The boy said I’m so sorry, sometimes things just come out of my mouth and I don’t know why. I’m so sorry. Then he took off. 

Proof that they love each other and in fact DO have each other’s backs   A happiness moment in a tough after school incident