The man stuff 

The handle came off our screen door a while ago. Like a long while ago. Sigh. 

We went to the hardware store today and got a replacement handle and the boy decided he was going to fix it. 

Sometimes I feel bad that I can’t show him how to do that kind of stuff   It fate lumped in with sometimes I feel sad that he doesn’t have a live in male role model. 

But you know what? You have to deal the hand you were dealt and our hand is still a winning one. 

He laid out the instructions (this is how you know he was switched at birth) and figured it all out himself. 

Because of the somewhat sideways nature of our house, there are a couple of glitches, but he did a great job. 

I am so incredibly proud of the man he is becoming. 

When we walk to the car he runs ahead and opens the door for me so I won’t hurt my arm. He is just a good soul.

And that is happiness. 


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