Best line of the day 

I was waiting at the cast clinic beside a lady when she suddenly noticed her son was being wheeled to a different area. She jumped up and chased the nurse down to ask where he was going. 

She came back to get her things and shook her head and muttered I didn’t give birth to him just to lose  him now. 

And I replied I know and it’s a lot of work to make another one. 

And we looked at each other and shook our heads and at the same times said and God, I never want to do that again. 

I love random funny moments and this was a good one. 

As a bonus I got to see my shoulder and I’m all healed and although it’s not anywhere close to where it needs to be, I have more mobility in my arm. Slowly but surely I’m mending and I’ll be as good as new soon. And that’s happiness 


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