My energy and emotions are sacred

My energy and emotions are sacred to me – I read this today and realized that more often than not I don’t consider them sacred at all. Often I let people or situations drain me of my energy and I waste emotions on things and behaviours I can’t change. But my energy and my emotions should be sacred, should be valued, should be respected. Instead of worrying about how other people will feel about that, I need to worry more about why I’m so tired because I let myself get drained. I love it.

Tonight I took the kids out to Chicken on the Way which, although a brutally unhealthy meal, brought back memories of my teen years and stopping for Chicken on the Way on the way home after a night out. We sat and ate in the car which we never do, and laughed and picked at our chicken and really enjoyed ourselves. Rule breaking -sometimes it needs to be done. It was a good use of my sacred energy and emotions. It was happiness.


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