Laugh yourself silly

This afternoon the girl (the social animal of our family) organized some friend time for herself. It’s the one downside of living in the country – that friend get togethers take a little more organization. She went and watched a friend play a volleyball game and then they walked to get ice cream. May not sound like much, but it’s a totally different world for her having all that independence.

The boy and I hung out and did some errands while she socialized. That kid was ON today and was cracking so many jokes my tummy hurt from laughing. Not only that, but we sat in a booth at Tim Horton’s for a while and his friends came in – not only did he acknowledge my existence in front of his friends, but I actually got to join them. That was a pretty awesome moment.

Laughter, it really is the best medicine. We needed a good belly laugh. I feel so much better for it, so much happier.


2 thoughts on “Laugh yourself silly

  1. Laughter really helps. I ended up joining Meet-Up last year and it literally saved my life. I don’t know how I found it online, but it gave me an instant social network, which I sorely needed for distraction. It was great to be around others, many who are divorced, and just spend time having fun and making new friends. Now I always have something to do when everyone else here is busy—my own great social life. I highly recommend it!
    It’s great when wehave good connections with our kids😊

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