Choosing the path to happiness

I was thinking this morning how I’m between two paths right now. I can turn right and be on the path of fear, destruction, and hate that Mr. X is on, or I can turn left and take the path with love, peace, friendship, and happiness.

I’ve been working on the left path for some time now, but sometimes Mr X yells and I get distracted by the path of darkness.

Somehow I have to balance the two. Based on discussions and recent events it seems I’ll have to take him back to court again for support issues. It is getting old and it’s frustrating, but my kids deserve to have me fight for them. It’s really difficult for them to see how he is choosing to be

But more than that I want us to be happy and at peace. So I need to walk in the path of light. And I need to bring the kids with me on that path. They need to know that they can choose happiness even when they have been badly hurt.

It hasn’t been easy. It took years before I could even see that there was a path of happiness available for me, everything was so dark for so long.

Somehow I will learn how to not only walk in the light, but to bring light to the darkness. Once I can do that the darkness will be gone.

When I picked up the boy from school today he told me his friends have commented to him that I always look so chill and happy when I pull into the parking lot after school to get him. Made my whole day. I often feel seeing out and like I have no idea what I’m doing. But I’m glad that’s the vibe I give off!


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