Little words of kindness

I had the most lovely email today from my aunt. I always appreciate the words of love and support, even more lately when I feel like I’m overwhelmed by life so often. She ended her email by saying that I was doing a great job with my kids and that my (other) uncle and aunt keep bragging about them.

I felt my heart warm with the words, and then I went and read them to my son. He too has been kind of blue lately and it was amazing to see how these words changed his mood. Several times during the day he mentioned how thrilled he was that his aunts and uncles are saying great things about him. He even said it means more coming from other people in the family – you’re always telling me how wonderful I am, but let’s face it – you’ve got mom goggles. These people must really mean it.

It made me remember how important it is to pass on little words of kindness. I sure appreciated my aunt sending me that love – it brightened my whole day.


2 thoughts on “Little words of kindness

  1. Few kind words would definitely lift up our spirits.I have read few of your blogs all I wanted to tell you is You are a strong mother and courageous woman.Be brave and keep inspiring!!!!!

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