Line jumping

I was standing at then check out line at Costco this afternoon with my cart filled to the brim. I looked behind me and there was a man with a flat trolley with a toilet on it. I thought to myself that’s either good or bad. He’s either renovating or he’s had some awful explosion in the house.

I thought of offering that he go ahead of me but my cart had 4 huge water bottles and it was kind of difficult to maneuver, I was already running a little late, and I really wasn’t sure I felt like doing an extra kindness.

I got to the till and started unloading my things and I was thinking how selfish that had been of me. Like really, it would have cost me 2 minutes but saved him at least 5 to go ahead of me.

A man who worked there came and grabbed his trolley and said it would be waiting for him on the other side of the till and he could just wait in line without having to deal with the toilet.

And I thought this is my chance to make it up.

I offered he go ahead of me. He thanked me profusely and was saying how he appreciated it, when the store worker stopped everyone and said isn’t it nice to see there are still kind people in the world. That was so nice of you to let him go ahead.

I was kind of embarrassed but I smiled and thanked him. I know I helped that other customer out, but I think I left feeling even better than he did.

My take away lesson from this is that often I ask God for a second chance to get stuff, but I usually forget to ask for a second chance to give.


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