Sand dollars and log forts

It was a walking the beach day today, the rain finally stopped and we were able to get outside and enjoy things a bit more.

I have told the girl many times how my sister and I would go to the beach near our place when we were kids and look for sand dollars. Today I was finally able to take her there and look at not only the sand dollars but all the other sea creatures that were hanging out in low tide – starfish, oysters, clams, crabs…. She became a little kid again as she was running around checking things out. We all did actually.

Then we went to a different beach and log walked – another long-standing family tradition.

It’s interesting coming here with the kids- we are very much in the moment and creating new memories, but I’m also reliving so many of my own happy childhood memories from here. It reminds me how my parents gave us so much of their hearts – I am doing my best to pass that gift onto my kids.


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