I’ve been training for this 

I took the boy into the Italian Centre this afternoon to get some of what have become our house staples. How did we ever survive without having this as a semi-regular stop?

We were leaving the freezer section where entirely too much time had been spent deciding exactly what kind of gelato was needed when I turned around and Jacob was gone. A quick glance around and I saw him leading a father and his daughter towards the cheese section. I fell in behind them and listened to him telling them about his favourite kinds of cheese (there’s a reason we call him cheese boy). He described in great detail the tastes of several different options and managed to convince them to try his current fave – Oka . They thanked him for his suggestions, grabbed a thing of Oka and Jacob left them to the rest of their shopping.

As we were heading for the till he told me that he’d heard them standing by the deli section trying to decide what kind of cheese they wanted to try for supper. He said I knew I could help them because I’ve been training for this moment my whole life. He’s totally right – he has. The kid takes his cheese seriously.

Watching him be so excited about sharing his knowledge about a food he loves so dearly was my happiness moment.


eating this cake was also a happiness moment…. so good.


A generational cake

When I was a kid grandma used to make what us cousins called Grandma’s special cake. To us it was a recipe unique to grandma and we always looked forward to the times when she would make it. Always for brandings, usually for community events, sometimes just for us to enjoy.

You can imagine my horror when I moved to Québec and there was a bakery there that sold Grandma’s special cake. The horror grew when my cousin’s husband was delighted because it was his aunt’s special cake.

Yesterday my cousin texted me to remind me that she’d made a dessert for my parents and I’d forgotten to pick it up at school. She finished with I have three words for you




Well. I didn’t have to be reminded again.

Last night my mom and I split the cake. They kept some and we took some. Today at lunch Jenna and I dove into it. As I was eating I thought about the generations who have enjoyed this cake. We were sitting in the house my great grandparents built eating it, my parents were in the house my grandparents built and my mom grew up in eating it. 5 generations of family sharing love from that cake and the memories attached to it. Because not only is it yum yummy, but every bite has a fun childhood memory attached to it.

As I was getting ready to put it away I saw another cousin walking down from the barn after a ride. I went out and shared the last piece of our cake with her. The delight on her face was totally worth it. Cake love. Family cake. My happiness moment for the day.