Little Purdy’s chocolates

We had to brave the mall today to grab a couple of things. The girl took off to do some window shopping on her own while we grabbed our items. When she met up with us after, she pulled a small bag out of her picked and placed it in my hand and said this is for you.

She’d gone to Purdy’s and bought me a few of my favorite chocolates.

That is love.


I’ve been training for this 

I took the boy into the Italian Centre this afternoon to get some of what have become our house staples. How did we ever survive without having this as a semi-regular stop?

We were leaving the freezer section where entirely too much time had been spent deciding exactly what kind of gelato was needed when I turned around and Jacob was gone. A quick glance around and I saw him leading a father and his daughter towards the cheese section. I fell in behind them and listened to him telling them about his favourite kinds of cheese (there’s a reason we call him cheese boy). He described in great detail the tastes of several different options and managed to convince them to try his current fave – Oka . They thanked him for his suggestions, grabbed a thing of Oka and Jacob left them to the rest of their shopping.

As we were heading for the till he told me that he’d heard them standing by the deli section trying to decide what kind of cheese they wanted to try for supper. He said I knew I could help them because I’ve been training for this moment my whole life. He’s totally right – he has. The kid takes his cheese seriously.

Watching him be so excited about sharing his knowledge about a food he loves so dearly was my happiness moment.


eating this cake was also a happiness moment…. so good.


Valentine’s Deja Vu

I was reminded today that love comes in so many different shapes and forms. I am blessed to have so much love in my life. From the cuddles with my cat and the play with my dog, to the games with my kids and visits with my family, I am very fortunate to be surrounded by loving, kind souls.

Tonight my sister and I were heating up leftover supper from last night when my aunt and uncle stopped by (to share chocolates with my niece- it’s chocolate day you know). They ended up staying for dinner and we sat down to an almost identical meal to the night before – one family from the larger family gathering was missing this time. My uncle and I looked at each other across the table and he commented on how here we were again doing the exact same thing as last night, sitting in the same chairs, eating the same meal. I said it was like supper deja vu.

To a lot of people this may not be a big deal, but we spent 10 years so far away from our family. There was no chance anyone was just popping over for a quick visit, or an unexpected but very welcome meal. It was such an awesome moment looking around the table and seeing everyone laughing and sharing stories. The kids are now so relaxed and feeling like they are grounded here and a part of the flow of the family. I feel that way too.

To sit and visit and laugh with the people whom I love most and who know me best in the world, that is a great Valentine’s happiness moment. We are giving and receiving great love.