I’ve been training for this 

I took the boy into the Italian Centre this afternoon to get some of what have become our house staples. How did we ever survive without having this as a semi-regular stop?

We were leaving the freezer section where entirely too much time had been spent deciding exactly what kind of gelato was needed when I turned around and Jacob was gone. A quick glance around and I saw him leading a father and his daughter towards the cheese section. I fell in behind them and listened to him telling them about his favourite kinds of cheese (there’s a reason we call him cheese boy). He described in great detail the tastes of several different options and managed to convince them to try his current fave – Oka . They thanked him for his suggestions, grabbed a thing of Oka and Jacob left them to the rest of their shopping.

As we were heading for the till he told me that he’d heard them standing by the deli section trying to decide what kind of cheese they wanted to try for supper. He said I knew I could help them because I’ve been training for this moment my whole life. He’s totally right – he has. The kid takes his cheese seriously.

Watching him be so excited about sharing his knowledge about a food he loves so dearly was my happiness moment.


eating this cake was also a happiness moment…. so good.


Fondue Fun

Tonight we had an unconventional family meal. We set up Inside Out on the Ipad (because we love it), and watched it while I prepared our meal – then because we were into it we watched during the meal. I had picked up a small roast earlier today because the kids were asking for “real roast beef sandwiches” and I’m all for finding something besides luncheon meats for their sandwiches. Turns out what I thought would give them supper tonight and sandwiches tomorrow was not big enough – I still am not used to teenage appetites – but they sure enjoyed it.

We made an unexpected stop at the cheese shop on the way home and fondue cheese was on sale, and my willpower is weak around cheese… so….. we had cheese fondue and roast beef for supper. Ok, well, I may have just had copious amounts of fondue… so good… cheese… Not exactly on the Ayurvedic plan I follow, but sometimes a girl’s gotta eat cheese.

I love the whole act of the fondue. Dunking your bread chunk into the melted cheese. The silly mess of the whole thing. Drooling up long strings of cheese. And, anyone who knows me knows that usually this kind of eating grosses me out (gag), so the fact that we have so much fun at it speaks volumes. I love just being able to relax and be silly and eat fun good and giggle.

It was a much needed laughter break at the table. I’m grateful every day that these two like spending time with me. They are my greatest blessings and it brings me such joy that we all truly enjoy each other’s company.

My happiness moment today. Fondue fun(due).


What’s in your purse?

Today was a pretty mellow day. I hurt my knee a couple of weeks ago and it seems to be getting worse instead of better. Of course, that’s likely because even though it was hurting I just kept on going. I mean, it’s summer and there are things to do. Like go horseback riding. I would be crazy to turn that down. 

It finally got sore enough that I had to stop and take notice. So, while Jenna went to camp at the SPCA today I lay around and moved as little as possible. That was kind of a happy thing in itself. Although, what I really wanted to do was go to my garden, go riding, go to the creek…. Go go. It’s so cold for so long it is hard to slow down in summer when the days are long and the sun is shining. 

Jenna had a wonderful time and camp and as a huge bonus has made a friend. Hopefully that friendship blossoms over the week. 

My happiness moment today was a reminder as to how funny my kids are when they’re relaxed and happy. We went into our local cheese shop (happiness just that we have a cheese shop. And it’s beside a gelato shop) and there were two men there who looked to be in their 60s. At first I thought it was a man and a woman because the shorter one had his back turned to me and was carrying a giant Coach purse. Not a man purse, a woman purse. Because I was waiting in line and bored I listened to them as they told the sales lady how their wives were out of town and they were trying to figure out what to feed themselves and what to do while on their own. 

When we were pulling out of the lot I made a comment to Jacob how weird it was that the man was carrying around a woman’s purse when there was no woman around. Jacob said that maybe he was gay but I said no, they were talking about their wives being away. Jacob responded with 

Maybe he doesn’t know how to look after himself and he needs his wife’s  purse with him. I mean, women’s purses are like survival kits. Whenever I need something all I do is look through your purse and it’s there. I’d carry around a woman’s purse too. I think it was brilliant. 

A whole different perspective. I love that kid. I agree too, they are awesomely handy and I think men would likely be really surprised how much they enjoyed carrying around man purses. After all, it works well in other cultures.