Tender moments

After 5 very long and sometimes scary weeks, mom is home – at least for the weekend – but hopefully for good. The hospital gave us a 48 hour pass to assess where she is at and to make sure she feels she can stay at home. It is so good to have her back where she belongs, where she is loved, where she can enjoy the peace and quiet of home. 

She’s tired, she needs to gain strength, but she is home. That is happiness.

I have seen and been part of so many tender moments over the last little bit. Being in a crisis either brings out the best or the worst in people, and I’ve witnessed so much love and tenderness the last few weeks it has really warmed my heart.

This morning we had a very odd but lovely family reunion in the hospital with me, my mom, my cousin, and her mom. There’s something about being in crisis that strips us all down to our barest selves – and that’s who we really should be anyway.

I had a tender moment of a different kind this afternoon with my Drishti. I fell in love with him the minute I saw him, but actually building a bond and learning to trust each other has taken some time. Today when I went out he wanted to play with me for the first time. I stayed with him in the field for almost an hour grabbing his nose while he grubbed around with his lips. He was more relaxed than I’ve ever seen him and he kept rubbing his head against me – it was most certainly a moment of tenderness and love. We are learning how we are together.

His sleepyhead face

Life is all about the relationships we share with others. I am so grateful for my tribe.


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