Long term change

I woke up feeling awful this morning. I’m sure it’s part stress, part exhaustion, but it was full on yuck today.

Since I wasn’t doing much with my body I decided to nourish my mind with some of the huge stack of reading I’ve got to do. I’m learning about long term behaviour change – how to rewire our brains for permanent results. As someone who has experienced the feeling of being stuck one too many times, I find this fascinating.

I’m right in the middle of this place of change and it’s super important I make decisions that will lead to the life I want, not the life I left behind. And my kids need to learn how to make good and happy life choices.

Lately even they have been saying they can feel the shift. The ugly is being left behind and new possibilities are opening up. It’s pretty awesome.


3 thoughts on “Long term change

  1. I love reading about brain function and neuro plasticity as well! What are you reading right now? There are also a good amount of Ted Talks online about his topic as well that I have watched in the past. Hope you feel better very soon…that’s not fun!

  2. Changing our thought patterns is similar to taking physical exercise. Some days we just don’t want to make the effort and we wallow. But for me, once I’m able to climb out of the rut, it feels good to rise onto a positive vibe. And the long term benefits are a bonus! There is so much positive information out there to help us, like this post. Thank you!

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