Thomas is number one

We went to my cousin’s tonight to celebrate her son’s 19th, my somethingth and the girl’s 14th birthdays. After an amazing meal (osso bucco omg so good) and super yummy cheesecake made by my aunt, we started talking about birthdays. I mentioned how I missed the little boy who used to know all the names and numbers of the Thomas the Tank Engine trains. My niece ran to the back room and returned with a giant box of all of his Thomas trains and we immediately set them up on the table reminiscing about each train (and it’s tender if it had one). Some of my happiest little kid moments are of that kid and my boy playing Thomas – they were obsessed.

And I have to say, us adults got pretty obsessed too. We played waaaaay longer this evening with those trains than I ever would have expected – and it was so much fun.

Further proof that you can have a really good time doing really simple things – as long as you’re with people you love.


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