Treasure your life

Today we had a very emotional service as we said goodbye to my cousins’ mom. It was an amazingly beautiful service and so touching the way they honoured their mom.

Her presence was very much felt in the church as we were walked through one of the most vulnerable and honest tributes I have been witness to.

There is a lot to be said for us all being in a place where our walls come down and we are so open and raw in our sharing of emotions – and the entire church was enveloped in that today. It was a very rare and spiritual gift.

In the slideshow they had a photo of both of our moms together and I thought how fitting it was. They developed a friendship in the years mom took classes at the university that they both cherished, and they are together again now in heaven.

Watching people you love be in pain when you know exactly what that pain feels like is brutal. It’s really hard losing your mom. But they did such an amazing job of sharing their love with us.

It was beautiful. And the fact that they were able to make it so their mom actually sang (from a recording obviously) at her own funeral was absolutely priceless.


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