Easter at the cathedral

I love Easter- it’s a reminder that we are always forgiven, it’s never too late to change, and there is always hope. It’s joy and love. It’s family and friends. It’s God’s love shining on us.

We went to church at the cathedral this morning, the same place where my parents used to take us for Easter service when we were kids.

I was sitting in our pew when I looked at the couple ahead of us. They looked so familiar and after sending a picture and text to my sister, and doing some stalking through the pamphlet (she was a reader) I realized they were people I knew from childhood. Specifically the minister and his wife from our church in Calgary. The current dean of the church was also a minister at our Calgary church. I didn’t see him this year, but often our past bishop is also at this service.

All I could think is wherever we go, there we are. No wonder this place feels like a second home to me.

We met my friend after and had tea and wandered Victoria for a while. These types of friendships are important- they must be cherished.

There is always time for love, it will always overpower fear, we must choose hope and peace.


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