Unexpected lunch

We decided to go out for fish and chips today. My parents had a favorite place in town and the kids and I had tried it before. Today however, they were closed- holiday Monday and all. We didn’t know what to do- we had no food back at the hotel and by this time we were really craving fish and chips.

We ended up at the restaurant on the wharf. They were full and there was a wait, but the waitress offered us a spot on the patio. It was a bit chilly, it had been raining, but she said it was enclosed and heated so we decided to try it.

Turned out it was the best decision we could have made. We were out there when only one other lady, we had a fantastic view, and we had an absolutely delicious meal.

The lady struck up a conversation with us. It seems often people sit down and tell us their life stories and today was no different. But she also asked the kids about their dreams for the future and then really encouraged them when they shared. She explained some of her life philosophies about living with passion. We talked about horses, travel, food, and how much we all loved Sidney.

When we left, both kids said how she had said things every really needed to hear and what a weirdly unexpected gift our lunch companion was.

It’s important to stop and talk – and listen- to people. We are all connected.


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