Out of the sling

I had my three week checkup today and I’m happy to say that I’m out of my sling. Still broken, but out of the sling. It’s definitely healing – it’s just a bad bunch of breaks and will be slow to heal. 

Day one 


So it’s moving in the right direction.  I’m so grateful my body has the power to heal itself. We really are amazing beings. 

I went and bought a new hard hat today so when I can put my saddle on again I’ll be able to protect my head. It probably won’t be until spring as I hardly have any mobility in my arm, but it gives me hope. 

And hope is happiness 


Girl day 

My girl and I spent a much needed afternoon together. That one on one time is precious and I don’t feel like it happens enough. I know she’s a young lady because I see her all the time,  but when we are alone together like this I am reminded of the depth and beauty of her spirit. She is a wonderful soul. Happiness. 


She’s growing up 

We had a family sush supper tonight for my niece who turned 15. I am aware it makes me old, but I can’t believe how fast these kids are growing up. 

But they are all amazing humans and I am honoured to share my life with them. 

It was a fun supper. And I sat beside my uncle and got to have a little catch up which doesn’t happen often enough. 

This tribe – its happiness 


Donair Poutine 

I picked my boy up from work and we had to go try Donair Poutine at Donair On The Run – it’s their new special. And who knew it would be so good!?! That place is addictive. It’s so awesome that we have found a place we love, that serves good food, and is pretty darn cheap. 

Cooking these days is pretty much impossible, and we have been so lucky to have people drop off food, but we have also snuck in the odd meal here. 

One thing about this broken shoulder is it’s really forced me to have quiet time. And with that has come a lot of quiet time with my boy. And I love that. It’s happiness. 


My boys 

My day started and ended with special time spent with my boys. 

My human boy took me to the farmer’s market so I could fill up on fruit and so he could fill up on waffles. 

I miss having a teenage digestive system. 

The evening I spent with my equine boy. We are working on bonding which sometimes feels like just me spoiling him. But in reality I’ve only had him for four months and we’re still getting to know each other. The more I get to know him the more I love him. 

I’ve been kind of wore out the last few days for keeping focussed on the things that are important really helps me keep going. 

And these two boys – they are happiness. 


Share a meal

Over the last two weeks almost every single day a meal has been provided for us my friends, family, or neighbours. It is so humbling and I feel so incredibly blessed. 

This morning I went over to my moms place and the lady who helps look after her was cooking some food for my mom’s return. I told her what an incredible gift it was to have all of this food ready and organized. I said until the last couple of weeks I hadn’t realized what a big difference it made when you were overwhelmed or injured or unwell, having your meals ready.  It’s just one less stress and one less thing to do – it’s a huge gift. 

It’s a good reminder to always pay it forward when you can. And it was a moment of happiness. 


Girls’ night and a guy 

The boy joined me this evening for an impromptu girls’ night supper at the donair shop. I’d like to think he came because he loves me, but he came for the donairs. And at 7$ how can you go wrong?

Interestingly though, he really enjoyed himself. He laughed at the silly stories right along with us, and jumped in with a few of his own. 

As we were walking back to the car he said now I get why these girls’ nights are so important to you. They’re hilarious. 

I am so grateful for my girlfriends. I don’t know how I’d get through without them. 

That is happiness.