Where do you go for peace?

Peace. It’s a powerful word at anytime, but it’s one that is used a lot at this time of the year. How do you find peace? Where do you go for peace?

I felt our pastor explained it really well yesterday. To find peace first we must look upward and secure our connection to God, to our Source, to the Divine. Then we must build peace within ourselves. Once we have done that we can extend our peace outwards into the world.

I have been guilty of ignoring my connection to God with the thinking that “he has big shoulders, he’ll always be there, so he can handle the fact that I’m mad as f*ck at him.”

Turns out it doesn’t necessarily work that way.

So – the question I had to ask myself is where do you go for peace?

My soul connection has always been a horse. Before I knew about connecting, before I knew about meditation, before I knew people spent a lifetime trying to find God; I was out on the back of my horse riding through fields in complete alignment. It takes a bit more work now but it still is my easiest line of connection.

I always come back a much happier person. Today my girl looked at me while she was cuddled with her therapy cat Abu and said he’s your Abu. He makes you feel safe and loved. 

That horse is happiness.

Do not let your heart be troubled


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