A History in Photos 34 (FGK 191)

As you can tell from my face I was super happy to share my grandpa with my new little sister. Me, Gillian, and Grandpa (Percy)
I’m so glad someone took a photo of this – this was my “best day ever”. The day I won dressage, individual, and team first place at the D Rally at Buckley’s. Back when Pony Club was an extreme sport.
Gillian and me with Grandma on the shore by Sidney. Grandma was such a great sport and used to walk logs with us for hours.
Our house near Sidney
One of my happy places. Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island.
The Sunken Garden
Sunken Garden – imagine it being so empty! We are wearing the same clothes as the photo that was used for the Copithorne History book, and that photo was taken in these gardens – must be the same day.
The Japanese Gardens.
This is in the Italian Garden, or as my kids call it “the place where we get ice cream at the end”
More of the gardens
The Cedarwood Hotel in Sidney. We still stay there. Mom in the front, Gillian making faces, me and Grandma further back.
Mom and Grandpa in Florida
Mom and Grandpa in Florida
Margie and John on their wedding day.

Flowers and tea and friends

We made it to the Butchart Gardens today to take in some flowers and enjoy high tea. I used to love coming here with my parents when I was a kid and I love that I get to share it with my girl now.

this is what it’s like trying to take a selfie with a teen.

Then we went to supper with one of my oldest bestest friends. When we are together I still feel like a badass 15 year old even though we talk about how weird it is to be adulting now. Good friend are special and to be cherished. I’m so glad she’s in my life.