Easter at the cathedral

I love Easter- it’s a reminder that we are always forgiven, it’s never too late to change, and there is always hope. It’s joy and love. It’s family and friends. It’s God’s love shining on us.

We went to church at the cathedral this morning, the same place where my parents used to take us for Easter service when we were kids.

I was sitting in our pew when I looked at the couple ahead of us. They looked so familiar and after sending a picture and text to my sister, and doing some stalking through the pamphlet (she was a reader) I realized they were people I knew from childhood. Specifically the minister and his wife from our church in Calgary. The current dean of the church was also a minister at our Calgary church. I didn’t see him this year, but often our past bishop is also at this service.

All I could think is wherever we go, there we are. No wonder this place feels like a second home to me.

We met my friend after and had tea and wandered Victoria for a while. These types of friendships are important- they must be cherished.

There is always time for love, it will always overpower fear, we must choose hope and peace.


Gardens and visits

We went to the Buchart Gardens today to get out full of flowers and fun. Because we are introverts we managed to find some beautiful hidden spots where we could watch the crowds and the flowers and still enjoy our own space.

It’s one of my favorite places to be. And that was what we did, we got to just sit there in the moment and be.

My good friend came by tonight and we began our annual visit. I treasure that friendship and always look forward to when we get to spend time together. It’s a friendship that has stood the test of time.


Sand dollars and log forts

It was a walking the beach day today, the rain finally stopped and we were able to get outside and enjoy things a bit more.

I have told the girl many times how my sister and I would go to the beach near our place when we were kids and look for sand dollars. Today I was finally able to take her there and look at not only the sand dollars but all the other sea creatures that were hanging out in low tide – starfish, oysters, clams, crabs…. She became a little kid again as she was running around checking things out. We all did actually.

Then we went to a different beach and log walked – another long-standing family tradition.

It’s interesting coming here with the kids- we are very much in the moment and creating new memories, but I’m also reliving so many of my own happy childhood memories from here. It reminds me how my parents gave us so much of their hearts – I am doing my best to pass that gift onto my kids.


Old lady tea party

The first thing we did after breakfast this morning was to head to Murchies for our tea stash. I find it hilarious that the kids get as excited about tea as I do, I learned from my parents, and anyone who knows grandma knows she was all about tea

Because I’m me, I had to push the button on the old lady tea party and we watched them “visit” and “drink tea”. It was quite amusing.

It’s so nice to see flowers and the ocean. I always feel like a part of my soul lives here.

My flower girl


Notre Dame

It was heartbreaking to see the fire engulf the cathedral. It’s horrifying at any time, but right before Easter to have this happen seems like an even greater tragedy.

One thing I am noticing as the day goes on however is that my Facebook feed has changed. It started with photos of fire and people expressing their shock

But it changed as the hours went by. I started noticing photos being put up of my Facebook friends at Notre Dame. Memories were being shared as people described their trip to the cathedral, expressing their wonder at the structure and at the art inside of it

It seems so often in tragedy people find their light. Since the only choices are fear or love, I am delighted to see how often people are choosing love


Early morning quiet

As it’s getting lighter earlier I’m finding I’m waking up earlier again. I’ve been using the time to do some quiet meditation and reading. It feels like it’s healing balance and ground me better for the day.

On thé way home from my school drop off I had to stop by the slough and enjoy the quiet of the swans for a couple of minutes. There is peace in the silence


Can you believe this is our life?

We did a fantastic evening walk with the doggies along the ridge. It was a bit windy, but incredibly beautiful.

On the way back the boy stopped, waved his arms towards the mountains and said can you believe this is our life? I mean seriously the only thing I miss about our old life was the good wifi. Now here we are, it’s so beautiful, and we are surrounded by family. People who actually care that we exist.

I’m so grateful our life path brought us back here