A History in Photos 35 (FGK 192)

We’ve got some random photos the next few days- a few of them I have no idea who the people are. So if you recognize anyone let me know!!

Margaret Symes (Rolland). Jim Symes. Circle S Ranch Chilicolten BC
Kathleen Norah Age 1 year. Taken June 8th 1954
Tom and Jerry (hahahah) Barron. Shell Oil Superintendent @ Jumping Pound Gas Plant. April 1965
Don’t know who they are- but don’t you wonder what happened for her to give him the side eye like that?
Christian Lathion Villa Ida 1961 ? And Elyse
Chris Lathion 1961 Switzerland and Alyse
Taken in Olds the day after we were married. Hazel Stringer, Mr Bjork, Mildred Stringer Bjork
I flatly refused to have mine taken in a bathing suit. These are all taken just in front of Chippy’s Camp.

A History in Photos 34 (FGK 191)

As you can tell from my face I was super happy to share my grandpa with my new little sister. Me, Gillian, and Grandpa (Percy)
I’m so glad someone took a photo of this – this was my “best day ever”. The day I won dressage, individual, and team first place at the D Rally at Buckley’s. Back when Pony Club was an extreme sport.
Gillian and me with Grandma on the shore by Sidney. Grandma was such a great sport and used to walk logs with us for hours.
Our house near Sidney
One of my happy places. Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island.
The Sunken Garden
Sunken Garden – imagine it being so empty! We are wearing the same clothes as the photo that was used for the Copithorne History book, and that photo was taken in these gardens – must be the same day.
The Japanese Gardens.
This is in the Italian Garden, or as my kids call it “the place where we get ice cream at the end”
More of the gardens
The Cedarwood Hotel in Sidney. We still stay there. Mom in the front, Gillian making faces, me and Grandma further back.
Mom and Grandpa in Florida
Mom and Grandpa in Florida
Margie and John on their wedding day.

A History in Photos 33 (FGK 190)

The Ramsay family!!

Margaret Jean Copithorne. 5 weeks old, 1940. I think it’s Grandma holding her.
Look at this cute kid. Too bad she was forced to wear the curtains as clothes. Perhaps it’s where my love of The Sound of Music began!!!
Me and my first horse
My first ride. Mom, Dad, and Grandpa in the back
Margie Copithorne
Me out playing in the snow – life before wifi
Me (or maybe Gill) enjoying some forced family fun time with Dad
Margie and her dog Sandy – cocker spaniel.
Gillian – not sure who she is with.
Gillian on Peanuts. The other rider looks like me – and is using and English Saddle – but I don’t recognize the horse. Is it Walleye? Why would I be riding him? Mystery….

A History in Photos 32 (FGK 189)

Today we are taking a walk through nature. Cameras have sure come a long ways – but some of these photos date back at least to the 1940s. You know the Arrogant Worms song Rocks and Trees? In case you don’t here is the chorus:

‘Cause we’ve got
Rocks and trees
And trees and rocks
And rocks and trees
And trees and rocks
And rocks and trees
And trees and rocks
And rocks and trees
And trees and rocks
And water

The shape of this lake makes me think Waterton, but I’m not sure.
I’m guessing this is the same beach where Grandpa was standing on the rock – this would have been 1940.
Trees and rocks
Rocks and Trees and Water
A bear heading off to do whatever it is that bears do.


A History in Photos 31 (FGK 188)

CL Branding. Ryan Copithorne in red coat. I’m pretty sure it’s Gail Davis in there with him.
Edna Copithorne and Jennifer
Cherie, Kathy and Michelle. Halloween 1974
Jennifer Copithorne 1979
I actually have no idea who is in this photo of why it’s in this bunch. But here it is – anyone know who these people are? Or recognize the buildings in the back?

A History in Photos 30 (FGK 187)

The next couple of days are Uncle Marshall and his family. I’ve kept out all the horrible school photos of all of us (Ramsays, Burgers, and Copithornes), but I’ve got them and am willing to sell them as blackmail for the right sum.

The boss of the foreman Marshall is 2 months old here, the sun is in his eyes so he can’t parade his big grin.
Emmer Jones, Bob Richmond, Marshall Copithorne. This looks to me like it was taken at the family reunion in the 80s down by the creek at Kumlin’s.
Not sure why this one is in this spot – but here it is.
Jennifer and Buster (one of the best good boys ever)
Cherie and Grandpa (1968)

A History in Photos 29 (FGK 186)

Today we’ve got our neighbours down the hill (and extended family members – they’re John Copithorne and we are Richard), and our neighbours further west in Morley.

Winnie Copithorne now Kumlin
Lorraine Kumlin 1949
Winnie, Alvin, Len, and Lorraine Kumlin (apparently there is more than one cloning factory here – Percy/Marshall/Ryan – but also Alvin/Matt)
At Morley
This is at the Morley Stampede. 1939 Chev car. No idea who is on or in the car. If you zoom into the girl inside the car it looks kind of like some 1980s horror movie face. Must have just been the moment haha. Whomever is sitting on the car has some pretty impressive curls!

A History in Photos 28 (FGK 185)

More photos of Jean Mackenzie-Grieve (Jean Russell) and her family. Enjoy!!

This isn’t very good of Tracy. It was taken down at Didsbury at Christmas time.
Tracy 6 months
Tracy and Rusty – 7 months. I will send along some new snaps soon.
Jean Russell
Jean Mackenzie Grieves and Edna Copithorne
Jean Mackenzie Grieves
Jean – Abraham Lake August / 92. West of Nordegg.

A History in Photos 27 (FGK 184)

The next two days include photos of Grandma’s best friend Jean Russell (or Jean Mackenzie-Grieve).

Mr John Russell. Jean Mackenzie Grieve’s Dad
Georgie, Tracy, Mitzi. Summer 1947
Tracy 3 years (McKenzie Grieve)
Tracy 1 year old take a few days before his birthday
Georgie and Tracy winter 1951
Georgie and Tracy Winter 1951

A History in Photos 26 (FGK 183)

How fantastic is this first photo? I know I’ve seen it in other publications, and probably read the story behind it, but I’d forgotten until my uncle told it again at Christmas. Margy Buckley – the only person left standing during the 1918 flu pandemic. There she is out feeding cows and looking more stylish than I will look at any point today.

Remember the summer Uncle Marshall fell off the bailer and broke both his hands? As a kid these things seemed huge and I couldn’t believe he fell off one- as an adult they still look gigantic and I can’t even imagine what that fall must have been like. There’s a lot to be said for the inner strength and toughness that one needs to be a rancher.