Faith in humanity

We are sitting on our plane in Calgary having arrived safely from Victoria. On the way here a woman had a medical emergency – I’m not exactly sure what is going on

As we taxied in, the pilot asked us to remain seated so they could deal with the emergency safely.

The plane is full. Every single person sat in silence while they arranged for paramedics for this woman. They started to allow people off the plane who were in rows ahead of her, and again in silence people grabbed their belongings and departed.

The rest of us are quietly sitting here waiting for her to be assisted and taken to hospital.

We all get in a rush – to go somewhere, to go home, to get a connecting flight – or just get self absorbed sometimes.

I’m so inspired by the flight attentants and the other passengers who all have remembered that the health and safety of all of us is the most important thing at the end of the day.

Prayers for this woman. I hope she’s ok.


Pay it forward (West Jet Christmas)

Today we got to prove the fact that it is actually better to give than it is to receive (although it was pretty awesome to receive as well). Jacob and I made our morning run to Tim Horton’s and fell into a delightful and unexpected happiness moment. First of all, a kind gentleman came up and held the door for us to go in (this happens a lot here, the customers have great manners). Then when we went to the till and two ladies came running up, barely able to contain themselves with their giggles, and announced that they were buying our coffee for us.

It’s West Jet’s mini-miracles day and they were doing their part to pay it forward. They jumped around, huge smiles on their faces, as they explained what they were doing and we took a group selfie so they could post it on Instagram.

When Jacob got his coffee and we sat down we could still hear them at their table giggling away and trying to upload the picture with all the right tags. I said to Jacob that even though we had thoroughly appreciated their kindness, it really seemed that they had received a lot more from their gift than we had. He looked over at them with their heads together laughing as they talked about what they had done and agreed with me.

As we were getting ready to go a lady walked into Tim’s and I said to Jacob that he should go buy her coffee. He grabbed my money and ran over to her as she stood at the till. I couldn’t hear them, but I saw him jumping up and down with excitement (just like the ladies before had done with us) and I saw a huge smile come across the lady’s face. Jacob said afterwards that she had said to him that he had made her whole day.

All the way to Jacob’s school he smiled and bounced and talked about how wonderful he felt having done something nice for someone else.

He had both received an act of kindness and given one within a half hour. He was thrilled to have been given the free coffee, it made his soul sing to have given one to someone else.

Both giving and getting are pretty sweet, but the feeling is euphoric when you  surprise someone by doing a small kind act for them. It may sound cliche, but happiness really is contagious and it is easy to spread.

If you can, make someone happy today by performing a small act of kindness. It makes for an awesome happiness moment.