Nighttime Daytime

Our latest obsession is BBC Animals. It makes us laugh as hard as the Frantics and this kid talking about his potty problems. One of the favourites is Nighttime Daytime


Poor Jenna has been dealing with a concussion for over a week now. It has made her hide in the dark in her room and she refers to herself as a bat. We make jokes about it, but it’s been quite serious and kinda scary. She’s been in and out of urgent care a couple of times and really has lost much of the glorious glow that makes her Jenna.

Today I had to take her back into Urgent Care to get checked out – she was having bad head pain and was dizzy and feeling sick to her stomach. They put her in a curtained off room and there she sat in the dark with her sunglasses on feeling sad about herself.

Then she looked at me and said “it’s like I’m playing nighttime daytime, but I’m nighttime, darker nighttime”.

So I got up and stood in the entrance to her room at the edge of the curtain and bounced back and forth between nighttime and daytime to make her laugh. And she did – more than she has in over a week. It was so good to hear that sound.

Sharing happiness, finding happiness in any situation. It’s important. It’s a happiness moment.

Also, all the love and prayers that have been sent to her and us, they are so appreciated and that is also a happiness moment. Thank you all!!!!



It’s happening

About a month ago I had a divinely inspired idea come to me. I mean that in the most literal sense possible. I was wasting time on Facebook when I saw a post by a friend that made me stop everything and just breathe into the idea that was being presented to my heart.

As with most of my great ideas, I had it but had no idea of how to make it a reality. It seemed kind of big and overwhelming.

That Sunday I went to church and the sermon answered my question. He asked us what would do if there was nothing holding you back? Well, the answer is many things, but this idea was one of them. He talked about how we can get so caught up in the how of things that we often miss out on great opportunities. That is my problem! I get totally freaked out by how I’m going to do things, and I so often overthink things to the point that the idea just vanishes.

I decided with this one that I was not going to worry about the how. I was going to take the idea and run with it. It has the potential to bring a lot of joy and happiness to children in our town and I was damned if my how questioning was going to ruin that.

I talked with a lady at our church, she thought it was a fabulous idea, she passed it on to the powers that be, and today I was told that it’s approved. I can do it! My how was answered! It’s going to come to life, it’s going to celebrate and bring joy to children who really need it.

I am beyond excited, and to say it’s a happiness moment is a complete understatement.

I’ll explain it all as things get moving a bit farther along, which will be soon. The plan is for my first event to happen in January.

Faith, it’s always about faith.


The stubborn gene

If you know me or my people in real life, then you know that the stubborn gene runs deep in our genes. Sometimes it is a good thing – it has created a group of incredibly strong people – sometimes it is not so good – because…. stubborn – sometimes it is just funny.

Tonight Jenna came home and found the back door locked. She went to the window near where Jacob was sitting and started knocking on it and yelling at him to go open the door. He yelled back that she should go to the front door, which was open, and the same distance for her to walk. She refused, wanting to go in the back door. She continued banging and yelling, he continued yelling and refusing. I sat on the couch laughing my butt off at how incredibly stubborn they both were being. It went on for a good 10 minutes before there was a break.

In an interesting turn of events, Jenna gave up and came in through the front door. Usually in a battle of wills Jacob gives up first, preferring the more passive route. It was hilariously funny and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I had a spontaneous lunch today with a cousin in town. I love that we are back in a place where I run into my tribe on a regular basis. It was lovely to catch up with her and share some laughs. Our bond runs deep, and my lunch time with her was a moment of great happiness.


The laughter of a child…

As they say in Mary Poppins “I love to laugh”. It’s fun, it’s funny, it lightens up the day, it makes me feel good from the inside out. Up until my late 20s I had friends that I used to have insane belly laughs with. I remember laughing and laughing and laughing until it hurt. Sometimes we didn’t have to even say anything, we’d just look at each other and laugh ourselves silly. It was a great way to live. I have those laughs now when I go home, with my sister and my cousins. Crazy, silly, fun, kid like laughter.

Of course, the best way to get a good dose of laughter medicine is to go to the “source”. In my case this would be my kids. Both of them are really funny people. They have incredible senses of humours, and because we spend so much time where it’s just us hanging out – we know each other well enough that it usually does not take much to make us laugh.

Sometimes though, there are faster ways of making one laugh.

This morning Jenna got up and came into my room. She lay on the end of my bed and watched me while I did my morning game of fetch with Ella the cat. As we were winding up, I turned quickly, ran a couple of steps and bellyflopped on top of Jenna on the bed. While I had her pinned down I tickled her until she turned into a squirming mess. Mean you say? Well, in my defense, the more she laughs from tickles the stronger she gets, while the more I laugh from tickles the weaker I get. And she gives back as good as she gets. It wasn’t long before we were both giggling hysterically on the bed – each trying to get away, but neither wanting the other to escape.

Every single day should begin like that. With a belly laugh with someone you love. Today for my 8th day of my 44 days of happiness I am happy because I got to have hysterical belly laughs with the best girl I know.

~Life is better when you are laughing ~


Raise A Little Hell….

Back in the day I used to be quite the hell raiser (sorry mom and dad). I don’t even know what it was about me that made me want to be a hell raiser, but I was. I lived by my heart and my gut and reacted strongly from both. This led to both wonderful situations and very difficult situations being created. For the most part though, I can say I lived true to myself, honored my own spirit and generally believed I was doing the right thing for me.

Somewhere along the way (actually I know exactly where) I sold myself out. I made the conscious decision to not be a hell raiser anymore. I decided to take the safe route, to try and not upset people, to make what society considered smart decisions – and as a result, to give up on what I believed, desired and wanted, I gave up on my bliss.

Stupid move eh? It was made with the best of intentions at the time. I had no idea then the effect it would have on the rest of my life. Ironically, I don’t believe it made anyone else any happier that I stopped raising hell, and I certainly paid a hefty price for giving up on who I was.

So, here I sit at 43 having spent the past couple of years reflecting on how the choices I have made have led me to this moment in time. Some of those choices have been awesome and I would not trade them for anything, some of them I certainly would have taken the left path instead of the right had I been aware of where that path was going.

The point is though, that I am here at this moment and place in time and no amount of what-ifs will ever change that. And the moment and place in time that I’m in is a pretty good one.


I have discovered that I have a little hell left to raise. I have discovered that a really good part of me was lost when I gave up raising hell. I have also discovered that I have mellowed with age and that the hell I want to raise is not as loud and as abrupt as the hell I raised in my youth.

I watch my children grow up and start to raise some of their own hell. I hope they never lose that spark that makes them *them*. I want them to raise their own sort of hell as they figure out who they are and how they are going to live in this world. I want them to follow their own paths (even if it’s not the path I would choose for them). THEIR own paths – the ones they were put on this planet to follow and only they know how they will get there.

And if they’re worthy of raising a little hell to follow their paths of least resistance, then I am too.

This morning I was listening to Raise A Little Hell by Trooper. These lyrics pretty much sum up exactly where I am right now:

If you don’t like what you got, why don’t you change it?
If your world is all screwed up, then rearrange it?

Raise a little hell, raise a little hell, raise a little hell!

Raise a little hell, raise a little hell, raise a little hell!

If you don’t like what you see, why don’t you fight it?
If you know there’s something wrong why don’t you right it?

Raise a little hell, raise a little hell, raise a little hell!

Raise a little hell, raise a little hell, raise a little hell!

In the end it comes down to your thinking
And there’s really nobody to blame
When it feels like your ship is sinking
And you’re too tired to play the game

Nobody’s going to help you
You’ve just gotta stand up alone
And dig in your heels and see how it feels
To Raise a little Hell of your own

In that last verse I realized that that is exactly where I am. For years I looked for someone to help me. Finally in the past couple of years I realized that in fact I just had to stand up alone, dig in my heels and see how it feels to raise a little hell of my own! And here I stand.