I had supper tonight at a friends house and got to meet Jackie the jack rabbit who lives in the back yard – semi wild.

I’ve never been able to get so close to a rabbit who wasn’t domesticated. I fed him by hand and he came and sniffed my hair while I sat in the yard.

(He chooses to live in their yard so he’s pretty well protected in his home environment).

It was an unexpected amount of fun


Italians, birthdays, and laughs oh my

We had a big family supper celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. My cousins have always been like extra siblings and I’m constantly grateful for the bonds we share. I laughed so hard my tummy hurts, and ate so much it could burst.

That’s what a tribe is. A big group of people who can fold in together and just love each other.


I am

The last few days this song has been playing in the background of my mind noise. When I meditate and am more quiet it plays loudly in the forefront. Clearly I need to pay attention to it.

It’s simple and yet incredibly powerful. When I sat down and played it today immediately surrounded by animals and slowly surrounded by kids who just sat and listened.

I am.

We all are this.



We saw the Lion King tonight. I have spent hundreds, maybe thousands of hours watching and acting out this movie with my monsters over the years. It was their number one most loved movie without a doubt.

The new version was good, but not as good. Probably because it doesn’t come with all the memories… and this song

Apparently we aren’t allowed to say fat anymore so it was switched out for chubby. Personally I think chubby is more insulting but what do I know? And Luau is my favourite part of the movie…

It was still a really good movie and we listened to, and sang loudly to, the soundtrack all the way home.



It was a girl day at the creek, well girls and horseflies. We are loving the summer weather and so grateful for the time to enjoy it.

Being by the creek is one of my soul happy places, I can feel myself relax and regain balance just by sitting beside it.

The horseflies made it a bit of a challenge, although they seemed more intent on biting the girls. I’d hear a scream horsefly then see them dive underwater.

Summer is magical


How it is

I was driving with the girl today and we were talking about a cousin of mine and his family. I said how I thought he and his wife are such great parents, how they’ve worked really hard at creating their family.

I said you’d be lucky to have parents like them, I think they’re really great people.

And the girl said I love them, I love to visit them. But I really like how our family is. I like that you’re our only parent. I feel like I’m lucky to be in this family.

And I stopped and breathed.

So often I feel badly for the kids, I see the lack, I think of my dad and want that kind of parent for them. But she didn’t see a lack at all. She loves our family as it is. And you know what? I do too.

We finished off the day at the creek. The best part of summer. And filled with memories of my dad, so it was like he was there too.