Glass is half full 

We had an early supper in town tonight at Mr. Mikes and the boy took full advantage of being allowed pop. Finally the waiter came out and said I think you’ve had enough pop for one day, so now you only get a half glass – and placed this in front of him

He just kind of sat with a blown mind for a while as the waiter laughed and laughed. Finally he drank it all the whole while trying to figure out the trick. 

People who can find the funny and make others laugh are a special gift. This guy was a fantastic happiness moment. 


Future Jenna’s problem

The girl and I went to Bragg Creek and had lunch at Creeker’s Bistro for the first time – definitely a place we will go back to. We sat in the corner (as is our usual MO) and talked about little things and stole food off of each other’s plates. Normally I have a full on ban on people taking food from my plate – or my taking food off of their plate – but Jenna somehow has managed to make that rule not apply to her. She’s been happily stealing my food since she was born.

When we were done we each had a little sweet treat which was delicious, but we both decided was more than we had really needed (although we really enjoyed eating it). As we were driving home I lamented that with the dessert I had eaten too much and that I was going to regret it later. Jenna quipped back “I ate too much as well, but I’m not going to worry about it – that’s Future Jenna’s problem”. It was so unexpected and funny I laughed until tears were rolling. Then she found it so funny that I was laughing so hard she laughed until she was crying as well.

It’s these little moments that make up the big memories. This is the stuff we will remember. This is happiness.


Cheeses loves me

I was driving the girl home this afternoon and Jesus Loves Me sung by Paul Brandt came on. 

She starred giggling about how it really does sound like Cheeses Loves Me. Her little cousin made this announcement while out for Sunday brunch with his parents and Jenna has loved the story ever since. 

For some reason it kept getting funnier and funnier for her. She stopped laughing, took a deep breath, wiped her eyes and said I’m crying. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. And went off in uncontrollable laughter again. 

I love it when she laughs, to hear it come from deep in her belly was awesome. It made me laugh too. Happiness. 

We laughed all the way through the hay valley towards home. 


Mr. Bean 

We had a family showing tonight of Mr. Bean. I have laughed with him for 25+ years as has my sister and mom (not sure about my brother in law), and my kids have enjoyed him since they were little. 

We all overdosed on him a few years ago so it’s been a while since he has played on our tv. I had forgotten how hard he can make me laugh, and with such simple and honest humour. It was a pretty fantastic way to spend the evening – laughing and reminiscing about our favourite episodes. Happiness. Thanks Mr. Bean. 


The candy shoppe 

Today Jenna requested a trip to the mountains. It’s the first time since the concussion that she has really wanted to do anything so I was all over making that happen. 

We drove out the 1A which is longer but more scenic (and has the gas station that sells the fireworks we need for New Years) to Canmore and then carried on to Banff. Of course I forgot about the fire at the Mount Royal and the candy shoppe there was closed. We drove around soaking up the atmosphere, but the town was packed so we headed to Canmore. 

Canmore also has a great candy shoppe and the town is less crowded. Jenna was happy and seemed more like her old self again – it’s been a long time waiting for that to happen. 

My happiness moment was seeing her be happy and joyful. I feel so blessed that I have this time to share with these two gifts from God. 


Rogue One

My Christmas present from a cousin and her family was an IMAX showing of Rogue One. These Star Wars movies have almost become an annual tradition and I love it!

Our boys have grown up on the movies and know every one by heart. The adults are all pretty big fans too so it makes it a really fun night. 

We have reached the point in our Christmas vacation where we no longer know what day it is or what we are supposed to be doing and it’s divine. In fact, it is happiness just getting well rested and relaxed. Add to that a family fun night at the movies and I have a pretty wonderful happiness moment for today. 


Nighttime Daytime

Our latest obsession is BBC Animals. It makes us laugh as hard as the Frantics and this kid talking about his potty problems. One of the favourites is Nighttime Daytime


Poor Jenna has been dealing with a concussion for over a week now. It has made her hide in the dark in her room and she refers to herself as a bat. We make jokes about it, but it’s been quite serious and kinda scary. She’s been in and out of urgent care a couple of times and really has lost much of the glorious glow that makes her Jenna.

Today I had to take her back into Urgent Care to get checked out – she was having bad head pain and was dizzy and feeling sick to her stomach. They put her in a curtained off room and there she sat in the dark with her sunglasses on feeling sad about herself.

Then she looked at me and said “it’s like I’m playing nighttime daytime, but I’m nighttime, darker nighttime”.

So I got up and stood in the entrance to her room at the edge of the curtain and bounced back and forth between nighttime and daytime to make her laugh. And she did – more than she has in over a week. It was so good to hear that sound.

Sharing happiness, finding happiness in any situation. It’s important. It’s a happiness moment.

Also, all the love and prayers that have been sent to her and us, they are so appreciated and that is also a happiness moment. Thank you all!!!!



Apples to fondue 

When I was pregnant with Jacob 16 years ago we joined a birth and babies class through the Rockyview Hospital. There’s still a group of us who get together with our now 15 year olds every once and a while and it’s fantastic. Things have changed and our babies have grown, but it’s so cool to have that connection to when things began. 

Tonight we had fondue and game night with two of the families from our group. We ate so much and laughed so hard. It was awesome. The kids laughed at how old we are, and when the games were brought out and we all had to scramble for reading glasses we laughed at that too. 

I am so grateful that this group of people has stayed in my life. It’s happiness. 

Our babies 


Imperial March

We have a new security gate at the entrance of our property. It has taken some getting used to as we can’t fly at top speed in and out anymore (this isn’t necessarily a bad thing). 

My cousin asked the other day how we were adjusting and I said it wasn’t bad. Yesterday I realized it’s not bad because I get to the gate and imagine I’m the queen entering or exiting the palace. I hum the royal march as I go through. 

But today I was telling Jacob about that and said sometimes it turns into the imperial march   And we looked at each other and started giggling. I downloaded the song on Spotify and we blared it as we drove through the gates 

It was the best thing ever. We laughed so hard – spontaneous happiness moment. Awesome. 


The stubborn gene

If you know me or my people in real life, then you know that the stubborn gene runs deep in our genes. Sometimes it is a good thing – it has created a group of incredibly strong people – sometimes it is not so good – because…. stubborn – sometimes it is just funny.

Tonight Jenna came home and found the back door locked. She went to the window near where Jacob was sitting and started knocking on it and yelling at him to go open the door. He yelled back that she should go to the front door, which was open, and the same distance for her to walk. She refused, wanting to go in the back door. She continued banging and yelling, he continued yelling and refusing. I sat on the couch laughing my butt off at how incredibly stubborn they both were being. It went on for a good 10 minutes before there was a break.

In an interesting turn of events, Jenna gave up and came in through the front door. Usually in a battle of wills Jacob gives up first, preferring the more passive route. It was hilariously funny and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I had a spontaneous lunch today with a cousin in town. I love that we are back in a place where I run into my tribe on a regular basis. It was lovely to catch up with her and share some laughs. Our bond runs deep, and my lunch time with her was a moment of great happiness.