SIBO sucks

I swore I would be completely honest about this SIBO journey, but damn it was a lot easier to be honest when things were going well. Things are not going well at the present time.

I haven’t really been sleeping well for the last couple of months, and if you know me then you know that sleep is probably the most important thing I do to look after myself. If I’m not rested I can’t function. And in the last couple of weeks my sleep has been getting sooooo much worse. The last few nights have been maybe an hour or two of shut eye – and not very good rests even during those puny amounts.

I’m a disaster.

I’ve talked with my naturopath and we agreed it was likely that some of my anxiety was seeking attention – because I also had started feeling more and more anxious – something that always happens when I’m not getting enough sleep. However, in the last few days I noticed some of the body aches were back, my head is throbbing, and I basically just felt really unwell.

It’s the SIBO. Something I’ve been eating has to be aggravating it. Which in turn aggravates me because my diet has been SO restricted. So, while I was lying in bed last night at 3am cursing up a storm about how I was never going to sleep again I decided to go back to the basics. For me that means my “hamburger soup” which is essentially ground beef, tomato paste, beef bone broth, and kale made in the instant pot. Yum. But when get discouraged I tell myself that there are literally millions (maybe billions) of people who would love to eat what I’m eating so I shut my mouth and remember to be grateful.

Another thing I am super grateful for is our local butcher shop in Cochrane “The Butchery Block” because that is the place where I have been sourcing all of my beef. I’ve found most grocery store meat makes me feel nauseous, but their stuff is fantastic – it’s like how I remember beef tasting when I was a kid. They know where they get it from (a ranch in southern Alberta) and their prices are pretty decent. I’m really grateful for that little shop.

Further, this time I’m grateful I didn’t just chalk all these symptoms down to mental health issues. SIBO makes me anxious, it bring up trauma like feelings, and leaves me exhausted. But it doesn’t mean that I’m failing at caring for my mental health, it means that there are some physical issues that need to be addressed. I mean, Im always working at my mental health – but sometimes there are physical issues that can be the source of mental health like symptoms, and I think it’s very important that we remember that.

Fingers crossed that things start to get better over the next couple of days while I enjoy my hamburger soup!


a good sleep

Last night I had the best sleep I’ve had in months. Certainly since before I broke my shoulder, maybe longer – it’s been a long time since I’ve felt rested. It’s amazing how much better coping skills I have when I’m not completely exhausted. It certainly gives me incentive to set my life up so I have more of these great sleeps. Because a well rested me is a happy me!


The whole night through 

Last night I was feeling exhausted and I went to bed early. In my perfect life I’m asleep by 9, although the last little while it’s been a bit later. Last night though I was sound asleep by 8:00. I woke up at 5:00am completely unsure as to whether it was morning or not. I couldn’t believe it when I checked my clock. I usually have difficulty sleeping through the night.

 I have a great bedtime routine learned through Ayurveda, but I find that pain usually wakes me up once or twice and makes me move around a bit. As I’ve been making changes, letting go of stress and things that no longer serve me, I’ve been relaxing more and that pain is lessening. 

I slept the whole night through. I felt amazing and that early happiness moment set me up for the rest of the day. I am never sure where this path I’m on is heading, but I’m sure enjoying walking along it. I feel like finally I’m attracting all the love and joy I have been seeking. 

God gave me a good morning high five in the form of this lovely sunrise. This was the view from my front door. 



💤💤💤💤 nap time 💤💤💤

In my Ayurvedic course we had a discussion about kids with ADD and how sometimes being chronically sleep deprived presents the same symptoms   

We discussed how kids will sometimes use electronics to stmulate their brains to stay awake when they naturally would want to fall asleep. I agreed with this theory but kind of out it out of my mind   

This morning I woke up at 5   I got up , had breakfast and some tea, and sat in my chair reading for a while. I soon discovered that I was exhausted and that no one wanted or need anything from me in that particular moment. I headed back up to bed for the most delicious nap. 

Usually in Ayurveda they say not to nap during the day, but there are certain circumstances where it is recommended and right now I fit quite a few of them. There has been so much going on that I’m physically and mentally exhausted. 

So I slept. And it was awesome. And when I woke again two hours later (giggle) I felt ready to take on the world. 

I realized when I woke up that had we had a tv here I probably would have plunked in front of it and not napped when I obviously really needed to. I can see how it adds to sleep deprivation. 

It was the beginning of the happiness moment of my day. It actually set me up for my happiness moment which happened tonight while walking with the kids and the dogs 


It also kind of happened earlier today at Target with Jacob. Man, he’s a funny kid  


NOT The Cookie Cutter Healthy Lifestyle

One of the things that draws me to Ayurveda is the fact that it is not a “one size fits all” system of health. Instead of pushing medications that may help mask one issue while most likely bringing on other issues, Ayurveda looks at the individual and what imbalances that individual may have and then works to create health and balance for that person.

The ideal goal for living according to Ayurveda is perfect health. Not “feeling kinda well”, not “doing ok”, not “feeling not so bad”. Health – perfect health. Having your body be perfectly in balance. An interesting thing is that what is perfect balance for me is not perfect balance for you. Or “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”. Things that could create balance and perfect health for me with a pitta/kapha constitution, for example, would not necessarily make my son with a vata/pitta constitution healthy – in fact it could do quite the opposite.

But, knowing what balances you and how to find that balance can lead you towards perfect health. With Ayurveda, you actually treat the issue and not just mask the symptom – which encourages healing and restores health.

I think of this when I see this commercial that is out right now for heartburn medication. Some man is talking about how he’s off to a chili cookoff and he’s worried that he will get heartburn from eating all the spicy chili. He deals with this issue by taking some of the medicine and – voila – no heartburn. Although what it does is merely mask the symptoms of heartburn and usually these medications cause many health issues of their own. I always think he’d be better to either not eat the chili and find something else to eat that will help soothe the heating, or to get to the root of the source of his heartburn and deal with that imbalance. But, that can’t be dealt with by just popping a pill. Usually there’s a lifestyle change involved and we are so hesitant to commit to having to change our lifestyle – even if it’s going to make us healthier.

It’s empowering, exciting and enlightening to come back into touch with your true self and gain an awareness of how your own individual body functions and reacts to things. You are one of a kind and you can’t cookie cutter yourself into any lifestyle or treatment plan for yourself. Honouring your body and spirit means just that. Honouring the space within you that strives for perfect, balanced health.

By the way – a good night’s sleep really is something that most of us in our culture could really benefit from. I mean being asleep before 10pm and sleeping straight through until 6am. Or longer to pay back our sleep debt. We are a culture of chronically overtired people. After all, sleep is one of the three pillars of life:

There are three supports (pillars) of life. They are food, sleep and observances of bramacharya. Being supported by these, the body is endowed with strength, complexion and growth, and this continues up [until] the full span of life, provided that the person does not indulge in regimens detrimental to health.” — Charaka Samhita

Namaste ~